Feedback/Modification Environment Mechanic - Extend fog of war

Just a quick suggestion, please either extend the fog of war further away from the users owned land or make an option that the user can choose his own distance in blocks for the fog of war to appear around his owned land, maybe a simple 2 through 10 to avoid having people make it so large that it could ruin the game play.

What I mean is that currently I can see basically about 2 squares from the edge of where I've laid down a new hallway, but I'd really rather it be 5 squares. Reason being is that this is really forcing me to draw out tunnels 2 squares at a time which feels more like babysiting rather than being a dungeon keeper/master.

Perhaps an option that the user can choose from 1 to 20 of where the nearest enemy would be on the map. The couple newly generated maps that I've done has the enemy on top of me almost. I go something like 5 squares away and it opens up into either a portal or some sort of cave with a bunch of enemies in it. I'd really like to be able to get a decent start on my dungeon before encountering the enemy.

I'm not sure how large the dungeon land actually is, so perhaps they're so close because the dungeon maps are small, if that were the case then I'd understand why the enemy is already on top of me at the start of the game in which case I suppose it would be important to make the maps larger or make it an option that the user can choose small, medium, larger, and huge maps to configure the game to play nicely with whatever performance level the users computer can support.

Also what I assume is a bug so if nobody has yet reported it here ya go...
1. When digging out new lands and you happen upon something like a watery area or a waterfall type of area, if I rotate the camera I can see that where I'm digging is going to open up an area, so it sort of feels like I'm cheating when I see that a block that I'm about to dig up is going to open a new area. I don't know what the answer is, perhaps having the blue square that we see not show on the side if there is not another block next to it, or not show the sides of the blue squares at all.
So I talked it over with Ben, the thing about the fog of war is that the player shouldn't be able to see what is behind the next tile, this is the most natural thing I think and add some excitement to the game not knowing if he will bump into a enemy on the other side. But we agree with you, it is tedious having to dig out one tile at a time.

So our solution to this is to add a eye of evil spell that will cost shards to cast and it will reveal a part of the map where it is cast for a short period of time. In this way the player can prepare of the unexpected but with a cost.

About the waterfall, this will be fixed indirectly as I will do some mayor changes to the water very soon.
Sounds like a great solution.


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