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Poll: Digging is...
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...inevitable to get all those precious minerals as fast as we can and flaten the construction zones.
5 71.43%
...and insult to mother nature, and should be kept to a minimum, ¡you barbaric plague!
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Brainstorm Construction Mechanic - Bulldozing the landscape or respecting mother nature?
(21-05-2014, 03:43 PM)Mello Tonin Wrote: [...] and then I hack out 5x5 areas around the DM all the way down to the impenetrable rock. Then I go and back fill the whole thing.

This comment got me thinking that I do the exact same thing, and while my OCD likes to see neatly planed rooms and storage shelves bursting with stuff, this makes the game really easy and I end up starting over quite often.

But what would happen if building walls consume resources? Perhaps 1 wood for the supports?

One would be limited in his excavation frenzy early on, until we can get to the surface and get plenty of wood. This would make us explore more to find naturally occurring caves with exposed gold and iron, for instance. Or defining specific areas to work as quarries.

Another possibility which is harder to implement would be having underground caves. What I mean by this is that an imp could be digging a floor tile and suddenly encounters an empty cave, falling to his death. This would probably require a complete rewrite of several aspects of the terrain generation.
Perhaps there could be another type of terrain besides gravity falling dirt: The rock. The rock could either be buried (completely surrounded by dirt on all directions) or be the ceiling of an empty cave.

This way, when encountering a rock with resources imbued in them, you'd have to decide if you take the chance to dig it straight down (risking a deadly fall) or from the side (which would require more digging/defacing of the terrain)

What do you guys think? Should the game impose the challenge of exploring onto the players or leave it up to the play style of the gamer and risk a couple of "this game is too easy" bad reviews?

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