Poll: Digging is...
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...inevitable to get all those precious minerals as fast as we can and flaten the construction zones.
5 71.43%
...and insult to mother nature, and should be kept to a minimum, ¡you barbaric plague!
2 28.57%
Total 7 vote(s) 100%
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Brainstorm Construction Mechanic - Bulldozing the landscape or respecting mother nature?
He already get, you've deserved too for this idea expansion, hope you don't mind. Smile

For Rally Flags possible that ALT will be less hazardous then CTRL. Will see what Rasmus invent for keys, it seems we'll have them many, hopefully we would have enough keys on keyboard.. Would be good idea to collect all already existing, show to public (will do after 0.7 release) and try to combine with new we're and we will thinking of among community.
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