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Brainstorm Construction Mechanic - Bulldozing the landscape or respecting mother nature?
(23-05-2014, 02:59 PM)Sebt Wrote: ATM Rasmus stayed with not being able to make tunnels, but it's not said this won't be changed.
Tunnels would be cool, but that makes the game very different strategy-wise. I think the implementation is quite possible if he is using a 3D spatial ADT (like octree or kdTree) but I don't know if he is just using a 2D array of lists or something homegrown might make it difficult. There are some simplifying assumptions one can make with the current mechanic.

The problem comes in many different things like is it a built thing or do you actually bore through, how does it affect pathfinders, and how do you handle different digging issues (like making staircases).

The idea has some serious ramifications that I haven't thought much about.


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