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...inevitable to get all those precious minerals as fast as we can and flaten the construction zones.
5 71.43%
...and insult to mother nature, and should be kept to a minimum, ¡you barbaric plague!
2 28.57%
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Brainstorm Construction Mechanic - Bulldozing the landscape or respecting mother nature?
I agree. The best way to find out what keybindings are the best is to use them in the game itself and see which ones feel the most natural to use. Ultimately though, the keybindings should be configurable via an in-game menu.

@Mellow: I love that idea for using the guard posts, that's exactly the sort of thing I suggested them for. Otherwise guards will just wander around anywhere and you could end up being under attack with all your warriors at the other end of the dungeon from where the attack is coming from, such as an army of knights and soldiers pouring into a portal near your dark mother with nobody nearby to fend them off otherwise.

EDIT: Another thing I meant to bring up is that if tunneling is added later on, a great, simple way to deal with the 3D dungeons would be to have a "level selector" button where you could move the view up/down 1 level, with all levels above the current level being filtered out of the view, in a similar way to the house floor selector in The Sims 2. So you could see through any openings in the floor (such as a pit) to the floor below, but you can't see the floor above (to avoid getting your view blocked).
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