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Brainstorm Construction Mechanic - Bulldozing the landscape or respecting mother nature?
(27-05-2014, 10:37 AM)Sebt Wrote: What's more this game me idea of kind of "depth view" for hydraulics - in Sim City 4 to built water pipes you need to enter the underground mode that shows all water pipes in city, maybe we could make it the same for hydraulics because now they don't look very well, trap systems should be hiden.

This would be really cool to do with the Hydraulics. This was actually a feature of all the Sim Cities where you put underground infrastructure. The view would be toggled anytime you would select one of these types of constructions which would make viewing them easy to do here.

As far as the multi-view aspects allowing tunneling, you both make good points but I'm wondering how implementing this would impact updating the game in the future. Some of the concepts seem simple enough logic-wise, but the real sticker is gonna be the complete rewrite of the pathing function. I like this idea, but personally I would rather see other things take precedence like rooms, traps, and creatures.

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