Team News 2014.05.25 - We welcome TacticBlack as a new member!
Yes, I really want to welcome Thomas “TacticBlack” Wukitsch as a new member of the Dwelvers development team.

His voice has really paid off in giving the creatures more personality. We now have burping and farting orcs, Imps that you just want to cuddle with, and knights that thinks the whole world revolves around them. Not only did he manage to create fitting voices, but his choice of phrases for them really shows that he can connect with the game!

Thanks to his help we now also have a Dark Mother that engages in more than just eating and throwing up creatures. By giving her the gift of speech she now has a much deeper part of the game. The Dark Mother and the player lives in symbiosis and one can not survive without the other. This is made clear by the Dark Mothers attitude against the player as she don't like him, but she is forced to work with him. So we can be expecting a lot of sarcasm and patronizing behaviour from her at first, but who knows, if you prove to her that you are worth maybe she will find some respect for you in the future...

Once again, welcome TacticBlack and thank you for the huge amounts of work you already have put down Smile
Yea, welcome again TacticBlack! You choose the best side of evil. Smile
Check his work here and this is what Rasmus wrote earlier about voice recordings:
(15-05-2014, 04:29 AM)Rasmus Wrote: I want to thank TacticBlack here on the forum, in the last week he has been providing me with high quality imaginative creature voices that really reflects the creature appearance in the game.

At first I wanted to post some of the soundfiles here so that you all could listed to them one by one, but when I got the voices implemented in the game I thought it was way better to cramp all the creatures into a small space and just record what they are saying in the game.

The talk frequency has been increased severely for this recording.

Here is a mp3 file to listen to, I really recommend you all to check it out!

Btw, can you figure out what voices belongs to what characters? Wink
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Congrats TackticBlack! I hope this job works out well for you.
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The Golden One!
What SU said except I'm going to include all the folks upstairs too you crazy nut! So happy for you!
Thanks everyone! I will try to bring these characters to life.
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