Dissected & Moved 0.7 - Crash when creating new game
Hi, Just saw that you want bug / crash reports here so this is a duplicate of what I posted in the announcement topic for Dwelvers 7:

Game crash.
I set all my settings, then went into sandbox easy, chose a new seed number (entered 1965 if that matters), pressed enter and then run map.

Game immediately crashed.
This was in the info box:
Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
  Application Name:    Dwelvers.exe
  Application Version:
  Application Timestamp:    5388aa34
  Fault Module Name:    Dwelvers.exe
  Fault Module Version:
  Fault Module Timestamp:    5388aa34
  Exception Code:    c0000005
  Exception Offset:    001173c3
  OS Version:    6.1.7601.
  Locale ID:    1033
  Additional Information 1:    0a9e
  Additional Information 2:    0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  Additional Information 3:    0a9e
  Additional Information 4:    0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

I can run the sandbox easy if I do not change the seed number. At first I thought maybe it was because I chose a seed number of only 4 digits instead of 5, so I tried a 5 digit seed number (19655) but it still caused the game to crash while it was saying "creating game" up on the screen.

Edit to attach crash report

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Thanks for the report Smile

This is the same bug as here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=831
Only that you got the crash while Mello got it to freeze.

It has been solved with the next version Smile
Also after about 30 minutes of play I got an assertion error, unfortunately i was not playing on debug mode so I have no log to add to it. Something about C++ assertion error, (abort, retry, quit) but I had no choice but to hit abort at which the game closed out.
Okay, ran it with the debugger active until I got the C++ crash again, so attached is the newest log of the crash

As for what I was doing in the game, really I was just looking around. I did NOT go to the surface world which I see somebody else had gotten an assertion error from starting the game on the surface world but I had not even visited the surface world as far as I know.

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.txt   DwelversCrash114-4-31-9-50-47.txt (Size: 17,95 KB / Downloads: 0)
I started a new game,

As soon as I had placed down a red flag the game crashed with the following log attached

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.txt   DwelversCrash114-4-31-11-37-43.txt (Size: 17,95 KB / Downloads: 0)
I merged your thread dear City Builder with this ( http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php?tid=831 ) because you spotted the same problems. Anyway glad you reported it in details! Thanks. Smile
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