Feedback/Modification Mix - Dwelvers 0.7 overall feedback

Apologies up front, this post will contain mostly what I did not like about the new Dwelvers 0.7 and how I get to interact with it, much more than it will about the positive things that I like. You could safely assume that if I don't mention it here, then I either enjoy the new change or am too thick to have even noticed it.

1. Love the look of the new UI, but hate the functionality of it.
I loved being able to right click anywhere and choose what room to lay down, having to mouse down to the bottom of my screen is a true pain after having the radial menu available to us in 0.6. I love the graphics of it, but hate the functionality of it, it now feels slow and old fashioned to find what I want immediately.

2. Mouse needs to be locked to the screen that I'm playing on. I use two monitors, one above the other so when I wish to scroll forward / up my mouse travels out of the game and into my second monitor. It would be much better if there was an option to set in the controls settings that would allow the player to lock their mouse to the game screen so those that want to can, and those that like having the ability to move out of the game with their mouse can also do that by turning off the mouse lock.

3. There are areas of the screen that simply won't allow the mouse to scroll the screen with the edge scrolling turned on. Although I see the need for this over the menu buttons at the bottom right, it's still a pain in the butt having to move my mouse into the precise areas that allow the screen to scroll anytime that I wish to scroll it. Of course if you go back to the radial menu system then you could free up the entire screen edge for scrolling Wink

4. I'm stumped on stone. Everything I want to build seems to require a block or two of stone but all I find is dirt everywhere, and the only stone I find is the 'solid stone' which can not be dug out. Which brings me to...

Solid stone, the game allows me to mark it for digging but all that does is force an imp or whomever over to that block to 'unmark' it. Seems it would be better if the game simply didn't allow me to mark solid stone in the first place since we can't dig it out.

I'm sure that I must be forgetting something about getting stone blocks but darned if I can think what it is that I need to do to get stone blocks so that the rest of my game doesn't come to an absolute standstill.

5. I'm really not sold on the need for the blue flag. It seems to pop up where ever it feels like it and if I build something in that square, it simply moves someplace else. I'm really not sure of what it actually is nor why it's even shown to me if it's simply going to move on it's own depending if we build something in the square that it's marked. I'm thinking it might be better if it is only shown if the player has decided to mark a square himself as the loading position and not shown if he has not. It's just confusing as to why it's even there when I've never placed it myself.

6. Obviously 0.7 is not nearly as stable as 0.6 was for me. 0.6 for me was rock solid, but 0.7 has issues with the map seeds (as the developer knows) as well as C++ assertion errors that cause the game to have to be closed down. I've reported both so I'm sure that he knows, just wanted to mention it here too. Since it's a part of my feedback, I mention it here as feedback.

7. I like the new voice feedback telling me when production is slow etc but some of it is too repetitive like telling me when I've encountered an enemy, I must have heard that sound off 5 times in 5 minutes, it just felt too repetitive.

8. I thought that you had mentioned that we'd be able to choose the three items that we want to track in the top menu, but darned if I can figure out how to do that. I tried double clicking, right clicking, dragging items but nothing worked so I assume it's not yet in the preview of 0.7. If I'm wrong feel free to let me know how it's accomplished as I'd like to track other things besides the three default items listed in the game.

In conclusion, I sincerely hope that you'll move back to the radial menu as it frees up screen real estate and is far more convenient than is using the buttons down at the bottom of the screen as well as it would hopefully allow me to scroll the screen with the edge scroll anywhere that I see fit to move my mouse to make the screen scroll.

Even after 40 min to an hour with the new version I still immediately scratch my head and wonder why the screen is not scrolling when I move my mouse to the edge and have to make a conscience effort to realize that I must have my mouse over an area of the edge that is not allowing me to scroll the screen, immediately it makes me wonder why until I realize that I'm not allowed to scroll the screen when my mouse is in "such and such" position along the edge of the screen.

I'm sure I'd have more feedback but the C++ assertion errors that close down the game don't make me want to play it for 20 to 30 minutes at a time only to lose what progress I've made so I'll wait until 0.7.1 or something comes out.

Overall a nice improvement but several steps back in my humblest of opinions.
No need to apologize CB, this post is gold in my eyes Smile

Just remember that this is the first 0.7 version out there. I don't know if you tried out 0.6 from the beginning before the 0.6b and 0.6c update, but those was way worse than this version when it came to bugs and funcunallity. There are a lot of things in the game that needs improvement, I am aware of that, but I decided to release this version anyway because I didn't want to just keep on polishing the game forever, I want the community to report what they like and don't like before it is to late to make any changes to the game. This will make the game more balanced in the end, so please be patience with me Smile

1. The UI could be improved, but I couldn't keep the radial menu because in the end there will be so many options that it would fill the screen. Once the bugs has been fixed I will move onto functionality and make the game more user friendly.

2. I will fix this, I usually play the game in windowed mode so I have forgotten to check that the mouse locks within the screen boundaries.

3. This is actually an issue I have been struggling with for some time, putting the buttons to higher up on the screen could solve it, but it will look bad. Any suggestions on how to fix this dilemma is welcome Smile

4. Yeah, the building costs, creatures costs, and more are not balanced yet. At least I will have more stone drops with the next release, which probably will be tomorrow.

5. The blue flags works as a dropping point for the rooms, this is something I will make more clear, also the room linking is a big issue visually as it is very hard to see what rooms are connected to what. I will deal with this as soon as the bugs are fixed.

6. If you are comparing with 0.6c and not 0.6 then I agree, but there have been so many new features introduced to the game that it is inevitable for the game to not have some issues.

7. That is about right.. To make the voice don't repeat over itself I put a minimum time between the voices in exactly one minute. So you got a good ear Smile This will be fixed, I realize now that there is a lot of battle going on and there is no point in repeating a battle message if the same battle is still active.

8. Ah, true, sorry. I was going to add it right after the post, the solution was simple, just add three buttons next to the graph window with numbers on, and that the number determinate which item location will be replaced in the quick view. I will get right on it!

Reading your post there is nothing that has been said that can't be solved quickly, except for the radial menu and the edge scrolling that is.. Hmm, I will have to get back to you on the radial menu, the thing is that that the bottom menu and the radial menu is pretty much based on the same system in the game, so i imagine it would be possible to add some options for the player what he wants in the radial menu and in the bottom menu.

Once again, great feedback! Thanks Smile
3. I'm not seeing the issue here when in Windowed mode being that the mouse has to be in certain parts of the screen, but instead if the mouse goes to far outside the Window when you are scrolling, then the map stops scrolling. I'm also using dual monitors in my setup. If the mouse could be locked to the window like on Virtual Machine screens that are windowed that may do the trick.

7. Sometimes the battles are instigated when the enemy can't be reached, but is located really close to your creature's activities. The Battle Event notification flashes and you can't click on it to jump to battle. Also, the voiceover for battles could be a lot shorter. Instead of telling me I need a Rally Flag every time you could go with: ["Our forces are under attack!", "We have met the enemy in battle!", "Grab up your weapons, we are being attacked!", "We have encountered the enemy!", "To arms!", "Prepare yourself for battle!", "We have spotted the enemy!", "The enemy is attacking!"]. Well I got a bit carried away there, but the point is variety. I think we should only be reminded of the Rally Flag if the battle persists for a while and no Rally Flag is present on the map.
3. I hate to mention it but... You could do like they did in Towns for me... They made another option in the options panel that said something like "scroll screen when mousing over menu horns" or something similar to that. Then when the user had turned that on, it would allow the user to scroll the screen when the mouse was right next to the edge even when the mouse was somewhat over the side menu horns that opened up the side menus in Towns.

I don't know how many people used it, but I did as it allowed me to scroll my screen anywhere that I hit the edge of the screen as what I found out was that my mouse would end up on top of the side menu horns a good 50% or more of the time only to find the screen would not scroll, so after turning on that option it became fluid again. The only complication in Dwelvers would be how far out the edge scroll actually is from the edge of the screen. If it's like many games your mouse needs to be super close to the edge to have scrolling start to activate which means that I'd still be able to click any of the menu buttons as long as I don't move my mouse right onto the bottom edge of the screen to where it starts scrolling.
That is a good point, I don't even think a option is necessary for it. If the mouse reaches the direct edges the scrolling starts. This is something that will work badly in windowed mode, but I don't think that many people play it in that mode and use mousescrolling so it could be okay.. Only need to fix so that the mouse don't wander of the screen when in fullscreen.

I will create two new topics about this so that they get on my todo list Smile

In the meanwhile, I have fixed the quick items view so that clicking a number in the graph menu will put this item in that specific location up in the resource bar.
That will help a lot. Tracking food first to make sure that is going well is nice, but being ale to see what other materials you have or need is excellent!
Quote:1. Love the look of the new UI, but hate the functionality of it.
I loved being able to right click anywhere and choose what room to lay down, having to mouse down to the bottom of my screen is a true pain after having the radial menu available to us in 0.6. I love the graphics of it, but hate the functionality of it, it now feels slow and old fashioned to find what I want immediately.

Same for me the right click missing me, and you should let's this feature for more optimization and productivity, i really enjoy to be able to build without to be forced to go in bottom bar HUD for that, right "click is the most natural" way to do.
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I think the main reason for moving it back down to the HUD (as it was pre 0.6) was because the radial menu was getting too busy for some options, like the hydraulics for instance. I do agree that it's less convenient to have to mouse over to the HUD in the bottom right to select something for building, but for me it's mostly because I got so used to the radial menu for everything that I find myself trying to use it when I should be going to the HUD.

IMO some of the things in the HUD could also be offered in the radial menu.
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