Solved & Confirmed 0.7 - Building farms produces fences one level up
I don't know if this is supposed to happen or not and I never tried it in 0.6c so not sure if this is the way it's always been or not but...

When building a farm that is next to a block that is one level higher, the game puts a fence on the upper level, in essence blocking off the ability of any creatures to walk from the upper level block down to the farms blocks.

Would probably be fine if I could build a gate in the farm land that is on the lower level and have the fence on the upper level turn into a gate so that creatures can pass through it, but the game doesn't let me do that.

See crude drawing of what I mean by farm on lower level and fence on upper level. Unfortunately game crashed with another assertion error so I didn't have the chance to get an in game screen shot, and so I tried the "ignore" button of the assertion error and then tried to save the game and now when I load that save the game just keeps scrolling in one direction so... Here's my crude drawing as an example:

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I need to do it. The farmland produces a fence, and the fence is not visible unless it is rendered on top of the neighbour tile. I could remove the fence completely, but I think it is more concitant to always have it there. The big problem here was that gates couldn't be built when the fence was one tile up. But that is fixed now.
Dwelvers Alpha 0.7b has been released with this bug-fix, confirmation needed!
This still happens in 0.7b. I guess though fences need to go somewhere in this situation.

[Image: HGEG.png]
Marked as solved.

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