Technical Note 2013.09.27 - Now edited posts that are last will be marked as unread
But there are some restrictions. If the post gets edited 15 minutes or less after the post, it will not be marked as unread. If the post gets edited 10080 minutes (hmmm.. One week) after the post it will not be marked as unread.
There should also be a "edit reason" above the post edited, giving the editor the option to mark it as unread (new information).
Yes, it is well made plugin. Hope it will help being noticed when someone would edit his/her idea, or update something, check etc. For me this option is needed as hell, especially when it come to upgrade Ideas & Game Features list or FAQ in the future. Wink

And automerging system that prevents doubleposting (so feel free to write a post by post - all will be merge into the one leaving the horizontal line between previous and new post) works. Wink
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Hmm, not sure if the auto merging works as it should, because it don't change the date on the original post, meaning that the post will not be seen at the top when viewing last days/weeks posts.. So if I post something now, and then post something tomorrow on the same thread without having someone else posting in between, the posts will merge and not be visible in "View today's posts".

I have noticed that some posts disappear when I post them, and I did see some of you discovering the same problem.. I will have to disable the auto merging plug-in until I know it is fully functional.

As now...
As now...

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