Game Good map seeds to use?

I was just trying to start up Dwelvers because there's a sound byte, a notification about something that has never sounded right to me because it's almost like whomever recorded it stumbled between his words, so I wanted to try to get that to play so that I could report the specific sound byte for it.

In any event, I'm really having terrible luck finding any map seeds at all that don't produce the crash upon starting. Every time the game starts it seems to suggest the same map seed it did when it crashed, so I'm resolved to typing in random numbers and every single one of them that I've typed so far have caused the game to crash. Please trust me that I've tried a LOT of them now.

Does anybody have a short list of map seeds that work? That would at least give me some variety of maps to play on until the next update when this issue will be resolved.

I've been using 22281. Since that seems to be the only map that I haven't had to use Alt+D yet.
Here are some I have noted:
  • 8910
  • 11458
  • 12345
  • 13584
  • 15672
  • 23460
  • 32420
Is there a meaning behind these seed numbers? Are you just typing in random numbers to come up with your maps? Just curious. Cause the one I posted was from one of your other posts Mello, hehe.
Yeah, I'm just randomly typing them in. Not sure about how it affects the game though specifically. I've been keeping a notepad with Map Seeds I find that work since a good majority of the ones I have entered don't.
Quote:Is there a meaning behind these seed numbers?

My guess would be that the map seeds are to do with setting up a "random seed" since with programming languages like C++ there is no true random numbers, but rather a list of quasi-random numbers that is referred to as the "random seed". This list can be set using a command that changes what list is being used. One way to set it is to use a pure random number like getting the current value of the computer's clock when the random seed is being set. Another way is to get the user to manually enter the seed.

Another way seeds can be used is as a map ID number, to choose a specific map from a list of pre-made maps. Since the dungeons are randomly generated, I'd say the first method is what Rasmus is using here.
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Right now, the seed numbers are not random. Every time you relaunch the game, the same seed numbers reappear.

In the future it will most likely be random.
I don't think this topic is relevant anymore. It looks like Rasmus fixed the problem with creating a game, and since I have used at least 20 seeds and only one had an issue. It was an issue in a .cpp file, but choosing to ignore the message allowed the map to generate anyways.

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