Feedback/Modification Equipment Mechanic - Auto-equip
I think about this similar ideas were suggested in Equipable Items Development Tree and Designing Equipment from Blueprints & Racks.
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It is. I remember us having discussions about that in both those threads.

One example I can think of to do with your idea of all equipment being valuable in different situations could be with ranged weapons.

The sling could be the cheapest ranged weapon, does the least damage and has the least range, but is very easy to learn, so creatures using a sling could level up more quickly then normal, a creature using a short bow could level up slower then one using a sling (even slightly slower then normal), but also do more damage and have a longer range and faster rate of fire then a sling, while a longbow could be the hardest ranged weapon to use, but have the longest range and do more damage then any other type of ranged weapon except for the heavy crossbow, it could have a bit lower rate of fire then the short bow and be very hard to learn, meaning creatures level up much slower then usual when using this bow, also, while a light crossbow would be noticeably slower to shoot (lower rate of fire), do more damage then a short bow, less then a long bow and have a maximum range between the 2 bows, but be easier to learn then the short bow (creatures level up faster then normal) and the most damaging ranged weapon could be the heavy crossbow, which would also be the longest to reload, giving it the lowest rate of fire of all ranged weapons in the game, while also having the longest range after the longbow, and be easier then normal to learn how to use, so slightly faster then normal leveling up.

Armor could work in a similar way, light armor like leather, cloth, etc does not restrict movement but heavy armor such as plate mail would reduce a creature's dexterity (chance to hit enemies and avoid being hit) and reduce speed but grant a high level of protection from damage, all forms of metal armor could also be noisy, meaning an orc wearing plate mail or chain mail could not sneak up on an enemy, whereas an orc wearing leather armor could, if it's lucky.
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