Solved & Confirmed 0.7b - (Black) Blocks, not rendering wall faces (without using Alt+D)
Coming across black blocks while digging.

Maybe this is related to this other post?
dont know if this is how i should say it "not renderring " but the blocks underneath the top one dont show... i only see darkness.. added a pic. just saw that there where other posts mentionning this problem... for me all was fine with 0.7 regarding this... started when i instaled 0.7b
I have NOT used Alt+D at all since patch.
Yeah I think the Alt+D detail in that bug report is arbitrary. This same issue happened back in .6 with or without Alt+D. I'm seeing something new now, look.

[Image: HGre.png]

They were black then I rotated and saw tiles missing...
Yes i can confirm this too

[Image: Dwelvers2014-06-0220-14-05-97330a57.jpg]

[Image: Dwelvers2014-06-0220-14-34-1290c524.jpg]
Wall tends to clip out with water next to it or with bedrock above it. It looks a bit strange. See below:

[Image: a4lwe8.jpg]
Fig. 1 You can see straight through into what should be the water area.
[Image: 2ueo1u0.jpg]
Fig. 2 More of the same.
[Image: 15xa9h3.jpg]
Fig. 3 Similar issue but with bedrock.
[Image: i563hs.png]
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So many good shoots. Added to list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes. :p
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I noticed something curious: when you place down a "block plan" to build a new block some of the "proyected" faces are also black, until the block is constructed.

[Image: OYxrrgT.jpg]

PS: Another unrelated curious thing: we all four used different image hostings Big Grin As a redditor, I bow to imgur.
Solved with the next version Smile
Thank you Smile

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