Solved & Confirmed 0.7 - Trouble with flour
Since V0.7-V0.7b I have been having a difficult time getting flour. I have excess of root and my imps just will not make flour on a regular basis. There is a stockpile of root on the destination flag but the imps on the farm will not turn it into flour for a loooong time. Resulting in poor food chain. Yes I have two mills made in the same farm room. Any help would be appreciated.
I have the exact same trouble, no floor is made at all. All my orcs have gone to strike because of the shortage of beer.

My imps won't even harvest the farm. I have a plantation full and noone to pick it up and grind'em.
At least it is not just me. That is why I posted it here instead of the bug report section. Hopefully we get a response or moved to the bug section.
Moved to the bugsection and added to the list Smile
did you have antroot production stoped? noticed that if ytou stop antroot production flour production is also stoped... in other cases iv had farm ereas not producing anything till i re linked the farm to the storage erea and then farm hands started working again.
(03-06-2014, 09:16 PM)Lotanis Wrote: did you have antroot production stoped? noticed that if ytou stop antroot production flour production is also stoped... in other cases iv had farm ereas not producing anything till i re linked the farm to the storage erea and then farm hands started working again.

No I had nothing turned off.

My workaround so far, and has been working well for me, is to instead of putting the Mill on the same area of floor as the farm. I place a separate two tiles away so I get a new destination flag and place the Mill on that. So now you have a Imp dedicated to just the Mill. Seemed to help a lot and I have not run into no/low flour production since. Before when I put the Mill and farm on same set of floor tiles. I could have 7 dwarves assigned to the area and they would just stand around.

I also did this same technique with the Cookery and Metalworks rooms.


[Image: 2ecknis.png]
This is how it works, in previous versions (non-released pre 0.7) there was a problem having the farmland and the mill in the same room, because when the worker in that room holds the antroot he has two options, either take it to the mill, or take it to the drop point (blue flag). But as there were no reason for him not to take it to the mill and make flour of it that was all he did, so no antroots left the farmroom. As this is a problem with all rooms that produces something that another building in that room needs, this item will never leave the room.

So I solved it like this: There is only a 25% chance that items produced in that room are allowed to stay in the room, this makes it a 75% chance for the flour not to be made out of the antroot. But, when the antroot has left the farm room and become delivered to the storageroom another random roll takes place. Every item in the storage rooms gets randomly distributed between the different rooms in the dungeon that needs the item. At first I tried to calculate what room needs the item the most and so on, but I found that making it random is way better because it feels more natural. In the long run probability always wins, so it will become balanced in the end. Well.. This means that the antroot has a 50% chance to get delivered back to the farmroom and too the mill after it has left the farmroom.

If you run the numbers it is first 25% chance for the antroot to become flour, then when it has left the farm room there is a 50% chance for it to return and become flour.
So 0.25 + (0.75 * 0.5) = 0.625 = 62.5% chance for the antroot to become flour.

This should mean that the majority of the antroots should be made into flour, but that is not always the case.. Hmmm.. Here I were to say that there are many factors involved that could mess up the statistics.. But thanks to you DrBoom I think I have solved the issue.. The problem is pretty simple..

For items to be delivered to the farm room the room must have less than three items of this type in it. This means that no antroots will ever get delivered back to the farm room if the farm room is big enough to always have three or more antroots stored in it from the farming.. This means that there is only a 25% that the antroot will become flour..

So this is my solution, I will increase it to a 50% chance for the antroots produced in a farm room to become flour if the mill is in the same room.


I started with 9 bread, 15 flour and 36 beer and let it run for a while. The end result was 31 bread, 29 flour and 75 beer. So during this time about 51 flour and 39 beer was made. It is not perfectly equal, but I think it is okay. The bigger issue here was the transportation, before reaching the cookery room the flour had to go through 2 storage rooms, and to get an uneven transportation I had to put 3 imps in each of the storage rooms.

Even so, I will put this one as solved, and I suspect we will have to get back to a way to balance the transportation and setting up good testing dungeons for it.
I still have issue with sudden labor strikes. I'll quote myself from another topic:

(08-06-2014, 12:05 AM)Excess Wrote: Where is your farm linked to? The dark mother or a storage room? If it's to the dark mother, try linking it to a storage room with enough space available. My beer and flour production where completely halted even though I have 100+ roots and enough water to drown a fishmen. Both rooms where linked to the dark mother who had all her resource barrels full. As soon as I linked the rooms to a semi-empty storage they began producing beer as if there was some prohibition law imposed.

I suspect all my past troubles where not with flour or water or whatever resource I lack, but with how the linking between rooms work.
Okay.. Hmm.. There is a feature here that I don't think I have explained. If you have a farm room for example linked to a storage room, this farm room will stop producing items if the room it is linked too is full. The reason why I implemented this feature is because the player will be able to control the production and not let it get out of hand if he links separate storage rooms to each non-storage room. For example, if a farmroom is linked to a storage room which has 100 storage spaces, then the farm room will not be able to produce more than 100 antroots.

I am getting more and worried about this system to be honest.. It could all be solved if I allowed the storage rooms to store lets say 50 units of each item type, instead of 200 units of all items. Right now other items can clog up the production of one item..
Let us know if this bug you're still experiencing. Especially that it's not said it is solved correctly.
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This is a bug that is still there, but it has been fixed with the upcoming version.
Dwelvers Alpha 0.7d released. Bug fixed confirmation needed.
i would say it works fine now
my mill is in its own room though
I haven't encountered any issue with neither flour or water yet, as I have a special "food-only" storage.

I placed my root grinder/mill on the same room as my root plantation and it works perfect too.
Nice, thanks Smile

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