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Guideline (Admins only!) Best way to report game crash - Debugger
※ How to report game crashes ※

Since the Dwelvers alpha version 0.5b we have included a crash reporting system, it is not directly included in the game because it can create a framerate decrease. So here is how to use it.

In the same folder as you have Dwelvers installed you will see another program called "DwelversDebugger". When you start it you will get this frame:


And then you start Dwelvers (it is very important that you start the debugger before starting Dwelvers, otherwise it won't work.), when running Dwelvers you will see that the Dwelvers window now will have the text "(Debugging on)" included as seen here:


And the debugger should have got the text "Connected to Dwelvers" as seen here:


Now you are free to play the game, and if Dwelvers gets closed unexpectedly an error message will be generated in the debugger as seen here:


Here you can see what version of Dwelvers that is running and the duration of the gameplay, and a lot of numbers following it. These numbers can help me track down exactly where the crash occurred and be able to figure out what went wrong. So if you press the "Save error message" button you will get this screen:


After that, just follow the instructions on the message box on how to post the error.

All crashes reported to us will be taken care of before the next update Smile
Awesome! I had the game crash for the first time yesterday, but I'm guessing the error output Windows produces isn't all that useful for troubleshooting the game itself. It may be a good idea as this develops to assign error codes to certain types of faults so the forum doesn't get overpopulated with extra forum threads that are related and make it easier to troubleshoot common issues.
Well, you can dump the memory from the windows crash and I can use it, but often it is a file as large as 200mb+. I prefer this because it is much smaller and give me some other details than a dump memory could do Smile
The debugger has been upgraded with the next version so that it is easier for both me and the player to locate where the crash occurred.


Also, the old (current) debugger had problems with threads, this one solves this problem for me.
That's great! Got a kick outta seein 0.5b was the last update to it. I remember when the debugger first got deployed; good stuff!

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