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※ Dwelvers Game Manual ※
This applies to the Dwelvers Alpha v0.6 release.

System requirements
Windows Vista SP2 or higher
Direct3D 10 compatible graphic card


Permanent controls
Space = Alternate between pickaxe and shovel
F1 = Show menu
F2 = Quick save level
F4 = Quick load level
'Left mouse button' = Perform action
'Mouse wheel' = Zoom camera in and out
TAB = Map

Editable controls
'W' = Scroll camera upwards
'S' = Scroll camera backwards
'A' = Scroll camera left
'D' = Scroll camera right
'Q' = Rotate camera left
'E' = Rotate camera right
'R' = Tilt camera backwards
'F' = Tilt camera forwards
'HOME' = Auto-zoom to the Dark Mother
'T' = Zoom in camera
'G' = Zoom out camera
'Middle mouse button' = When pressed the camera can rotate with mouse
'Right mouse button' = Enter build menu

Status icons


This icon is seen over buildings that is connected to the production-chain, the more activity in the building, the more filled the meter is.


This icon is seen over buildings that have no production at all.


This icon can be seen over buildings and creatures that are disconnected from the rest of the dungeon. It can be caused by a root blocking a path or a ill placed building that are in the way.


This icon can be seen over buildings that are directly blocked by a building or a wall.

How to play (this video is from a earlier version, but it is still very informative as the game-play fundamentals haven't changed much)

Getting started
Download and install the game.
Make sure that you have DirectX re-distributable installed, you can download it here.

Your creatures will require food and sleep to keep alive and not turn against you. So the first thing you should start doing is to create a bed room, and a bar room. In the bedroom you can build beds for the imps and the orcs, not many is necessary as they the same creature type can share the same bed. For the bar room you need to create at least one table within it and the build chairs next to it so that your creatures have somewhere to sit. As soon as the table is built you will notice that the imps will start delivering food and beer to the table, from start you begin with a limited number of beer and food, therefore these consumables are limited, and you need to start a production chain so that you will not run out of them.

If you are lucky you may find a lake with fish right from start, but if you don't you need to build a bakery. First of you need to build a farm room, and in that room you need to have a farm land so that antroots can be harvested. But for the ant roots to grow you need to build a well to begin with, when this well have been built you will see that the imps will start fetching water from it and take the water to the farmland to water the antroot seed. When the antroots are fully grown they will be harvested by the imps, and this is the point when you need to build a mill in the farm room. The imps will take the harvested antroots to the mill and make flour out of it, this flour can then be used in the bakery when making bread. So the next step is to build a bakery, this is done by building a cookery room, and in this cooking room build a baking table. When it is all built your imps will take water, flour and wood to the baking table and start baking bread.

Another thing that the orcs needs is beer so that they don't sober up to much, and beer is brewed in the brewing vat in the cookery room out of antroots and water. Luckily for you you should already have built the farm land and the well, so all that is needed is to build the brewing vat for beer to be produced.

So, now when you have the most basics working so that your creatures don't die out of hunger, you can start with making your army stronger. To create more imps you need coal, and to create more orcs you will need beer and gold, you already have beer so the next thing you should do is start searching for coal and gold. Coal is usually very easy to find, gold is not, therefore it may take a while before you are able to create more orcs, so be cautious so that you don't dig into a enemy room. One solution here is to create traps out of the hydraulics, so that your orcs don't have to take care of the intruders when they enter your dungeon. Another solution is to avoid digging into any open rooms and start digging straight downwards in the search for gold. The lower level you reach the higher is the possibility that you will find gold, and this also goes for iron.

If you find iron it can be very helpful as all the buildings in your training room requires iron to be built. So if you find iron and coal you can start building a metalworks room, in there you can build an iron smelter that will melt the iron and coal and produce iron ingots which can be used to create a punching pig for example. Once the training room and the punching pig has been built your orcs can start their training up to level 4. It may not be much, but it will give you an advantage against lower level enemies.

There are a lot to be explained in the game, many game mechanics, and I will not go into them all, instead I recommend that you explore all the options the game has to offer. There are many enemies to face that wants your dungeon harm, and there are many rooms that have treasures to offer.

The game may not have a goal at the moment, but the hardest challenge you will face in the game is to solve the cyclotaur maze. This maze is filled with angry bull like creatures that you will not face anywhere else, and if you decide to enter the maze, please make sure that you have a strong enough army to face the enemies.
The how to play video have been added Smile
The one thing that you should have added to the manual is what does certian thing mean like the symboles that appear above things like example the broken chain or the star
Will do Smile

Why F7 and F8 doesn't appear in this keybinding ?
In my game i can change what i see or what i wana hide like room, items, texture etc...

It's a "bug" ? (gamedev mode maybe)
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There is a lot of keys that aren't listed because they are used in dev mode, that particular one is for when I want to isolate a building from the rest of the dungeon when taking a screen-shot for example. These keys don't do anything for the gameplay, that is why I didn't list them.

Here some guys at the forum managed to find all of the "secret" keybindings:
Ahaha to many nice diger, do you ve lost a imps during developement because i'am pretty sure he was one Tongue
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