False Alarm 0.7c - Marking walls in the dark to be dug shows there aren't walls
How about adding a check to see if a fow tile is selected and if so, automatically select the highest tile available for digging, either the player wants to dig that tile anyways, or it serves as a visual reminder of the general area that the player wanted to dig out.
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
The Golden One!
It is still the issue with digging at the bottom and having to select at the top, it will be very annoying because the camera will have to zoom out. And as the terrain changes in height the digging results once it comes out of fow can be very confusing for the player. Remember that the issue was that it was possible to find rooms by selecting larger areas, if we were to implement so that the fow always gets rendered at the top layer it will be extremely annoying for the player and we will most definitely get complaints about it.

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