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Solved & Confirmed 0.7c - Skipping tutorial steps, can be confusing for new players?
I've noticed that if you already know what the dark mother will ask you to do in the tutorial and do it before hand, you'll get the congratulations message anyway, even if he didn't get to ask you to do it before hand.

This may lead to confusion if new players happen to complete said actions by mistake. Unlikely to happen with the room digging orders, but may happen with the "camera master" or the shovel/pickaxe instructions.

Maybe there shouldn't be an "if...then" checking for task completion until they are actually spoken?
There is a if then, hmm.. I will have to look in to this closer.
Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes.
Hmm, this got a little complicated, I will solve this in future versions when I start going into the xml files again Smile
Perhaps wrapping the tutorial task done check in an "is this task active yet" check, so have a nested if then else block, outer block checks if the tutorial task is active, and the inner checks if it is completed. That way the game can't even check if the task is completed until it's active.
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There is a state that handle this, the issue is that the first objective comes into play directly in the game, which mean that the xml file tells the DM to start speaking from start and the "check" get executed. But as the dark mother is busy spewing out creatures she will not speak, and in the meanwhile the player finish the objective and as the xml file has the "check" it will tell the DM to say "Good Job".

It is a little tricky.. But it can probably be solved if the the "checking" comes in once the DM start speaking and not when she gets the order to speak.
I will mark this one as solved as the tutorial will be replaced with campaigns.

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