Solved & Confirmed 0.7c - Mines break after some mining
Im not sue whether this is a bug or ment to be but in this version you are able to get resources from the mine a few times and then the hole block breakes. ( just wrote this cause the building description says infinite )
It is meant to break after you have harvested 3-4 times as many minerals than if you dug out the block manually, but the description text is wrong.

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes.
Dwelvers Alpha 0.7d released. Bug fixed confirmation needed.
confirmed! good work
Thanks Smile
So, I am having a issue where now the mines never explode and my imps have mined each node (I have three marked) 12 times so far. Granted it takes a looooong time for the vines to regrow. Is this intentional or are they only suppose to be able to get mined 3-4 times and then the block is destroyed?
The vines have been edited to last much much longer, but the get harvested three times slower.
Ah ok. I thought that would a new bug.:-)
Haha, you must have faith in me Big Grin
(17-06-2014, 02:15 AM)Rasmus Wrote: Haha, you must have faith in me Big Grin

Of course, i will not happen againWinkCool
Yea, watch out for evil imps that when provoked throws someone's posts to The Pit of The Damned. ;]
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