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Hi...again Smile

Maybe its an idea to contact popular youtubers in order to get some coverage and get more known. This will get more testers AND more ideas. Dungeon Keeper genre games are becoming very popular at the moment. Mentioning that Towns dev supports you will help you get time on the popular channels.

For example; WFTO has Yogscasts Hannah talking about the game all the time, she has quite a bit of viewers ....
Yeah, we will do that, but not yet.. The more features we have in the game and the more stable it is, the bigger the chance that they will review the game, and the better response we will get Smile I want to leave the alpha stage first and that may take another month or two Undecided

So therefore I've been satisfied with making videos and getting smaller YouTube reviewers. Some of the videos made of Dwelvers at its current state have unfortunately also shown the flaw with it being a alpha version. I need to make the game more intuitive and most important of all close the production chain, meaning that bread can be made and eaten, beers drunk, salaries paid, instead of the items just piling up on the shelves..
Ok sounds fair. But even in its current stage, its nice to play and see what direction the game is headed. People might wanna support you Smile
Because we've already planned to gather more contacts and we're doing it now I won't add this idea to The List.

If I could say something about promotion, don't worry, we have many plans how to be more popular, but at current stage - see Rasmus' post above. As ones says from zero to hero, but step by step. Wink

Anyway, if You are registered on some forums why not to tell there about the game? Smile
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