Brainstorm Item Mechanic - Item size
just an idea i wanted to throw out there

it seems like you are aiming for a somewhat realistic fantasy setting
so i thought an impanzee might be able to use an armor made for a cyclotaur as housing Smile but not wear it
and the other way round a cyclotaur might be better of using fists then a weapon ment to be used by an impanzee

i thought either using a system like :
S, M, L ( XS, S, M, L, XL )

or something where the gear is secies specific since some of the future creatures might not have a humanoid form

in both cases you could make it so that you could still use some of the gear made for other creatures in a pinch if you are willing to accept some negative effects like doing less dmg or slower movement
and maybe in other cases a very big creature could use a two handed weapon ment for an ork or a human with one hand
If it comes to fitting equipment to different sizes of creature bodies - see , every eq items will be auto-resized to fit creature bodies. Smile
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Quote:a very big creature could use a two handed weapon ment for an ork or a human with one hand

I've had a very similar idea myself. What weapons a creature can use are dependent on the size and weight of the weapon relative to the size and strength of the ceature, so an impanzee, for example, would only be able to use small, light weapons, so a an impanzee using a broadsword for example, would need to wield it with 2 hands, while a cyclotaur could use an orcish greatsword 1 handed, but an impanzee couldn't even lift such a weapon.

Your Small-Medium-Large system would work well for this as could a Light-Medium-Heavy type of system for the weight of weapons, in case such a stat is added. I'm thinking of this because some large weapons are quite light for their size. For example, a spear would be a large weapon, but would likely be Light or Medium in weight, because it's made mostly of wood while a shortsword, which would be a small weapon, would have a Medium weight because while a spear is made out of light materials like wood, a shortsword is made out of heavy metalic materials.
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