What I've been doing...
I've missed being as active as I normally am in this great community while I've been developing my own online business. In the Last Post Wins thread I've mentioned this briefly a few times but was still in the learning phase and hadn't really gotten anything set up yet.

So what I've been up to, is I bought into an existing set of educational products geared to teach people how to be more effective at internet marketing. The system I bought into designed and owned is by a company called My Online Business Empire (MOBE). I've spent most of the last month going through their training program, called My Top Tier Business (MTTB), learning how to sell their products online. MOBE does a lot of things for me as well, such as phone follow up and has many already designed ads, sales pages and so on already designed for me, which I can use to get started. So all I need to do is advertise and get leads into the system to college commissions.

I just finished a deal to have a company do my first marketing campaign for me yesterday and that should go live within a week. I'm getting very excited about this and am looking forward to a bright future. The training and products I've tried out so far have all been really great and I can't wait to get started on the rest of the ones I currently own.

To start out I have the rights to sell 6 front end products (cost less then $500) at a 90% commission and 1 back end product (costs $2000) which I get a 50% commission on.
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Hi you Wink !
Congratz, funny and neat name "MOBE" :3.
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Great news for you.
Congratulation, i wish you the best for the future!
Thanks. Smile
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