Dissected & Moved 0.7c - Infinite weapon and armor production
when i order one weapon it starts production but never stops ( unless you runn out of resources ) caus the "to produce count" doesnt get reduced with every produced unit
Yes i can confirm this.
Its the same bug since version 0.7b and its atm not fixed in the version 0.7c.

Rasmus says it fixed but maybe from the next version...
sorry for making a new one did not see the old thread
Nothing to sorry for, just encourage to deeply seek out for for potentially similar bug to yours in list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes next time anyway and even when it said Solved & Confirmed report that it’s not. Wink

So you experienced this in 0.7c, well no one confirmed it as solved, but was confirmed by that nobody report this bug again so:
- I duplicated your post and move to thread TopperHarley mentioned, your post is now here: http://forum.dwelvers.com/showthread.php...88#pid7588
- this thread were moved to Archive and thread that was marked as solved changed status to not solved yet and updated the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes.

Thanks for help. Smile
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