Dwelvers Journal 2014.06.16 - Alpha v0.7d is now released
Dwelvers Alpha v0.7d has now been released to the pre-orderers, you can download it at the Dwelvers website.

(This version is still not considered stable, and I will not do a bigger public announcement until it is.)

To download it you need to go to Dwelvers website, then login with your username and password.
Once this is done a new tab leading to the members page should have become available. Here you can download the latest version.

Upgrades since v0.7c
  • Feedback is the key - Better building efficiency feedback, better storage room capacity feedback, room chain flags and I got rid of that big annoying item window.
  • Handling goods in storage rooms - New storage managment system, it is now possible to control and take items in and out of storage on command.

Patch fixes since v0.7c

If you want to contribute with ideas:

Just make sure that you read the post of already suggested ideas so that you don't double post. And there are also some layout requirements for the suggestion posts that you need to follow to make it easier for us.
Link to the "The list of already suggested ideas"

If you want to report a bug or issue:

Just make sure that you read the topic about the already known bugs and issues so that you don't double post.
Link to the "Known bugs / issues Alpha v0.7"

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