Design issue 0.7d - Resources to the wrong place
I don't know if it happened only for me but my imps bring the stuff sometimes to the wrong places.
After this its take a long time until my imps bring the stuff to the storage rooms...

The other storage rooms are not full and not limited for specify resources.

[Image: Dwelvers2014-06-1619-43-42-134721bb.jpg]

Has anyone else noticed this too?

Hmm, this is new, I added so that the free-workers will deliver the items to the closest room, not minding if it is a storage room or not. This is because I want it to be intuitive when it comes to
building wells at certain locations. That if the well is closest to the farm room the water will get delivered there directly. Unfortunately this affects all items being delivered and not just the water. Maybe I should have specific items delivered to specific rooms if possible and not all items. But it will be an extra game mechanic to keep track of and it isn't much difference in the end because the storage room workers will have to pick up the items non the less and store them.

I started this topic that somewhat relate to this issue:

I will not make this a bug just yet, I would like some more feedback on if this really is a issue or not.

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