Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Speed up the imps
So there have been some reports where the imps don't work fast enough or that they don't clear up the rooms quick enough. This can be solved by putting more imps to work in the storage rooms, but I also feel like the imps could be speeded up a bit..

So I have this idea that when the imps get faster and faster depending on their level, some of you may have noticed that the imps increase a lot in level by doing mindless task during a longer period of time.

In DK I think it worked like this, and I feel no shame in doing something similar Big Grin

Imp Level < 5 = normal running speed.
Imp Level > 4 = they got this haste spell that they used now and then to speed up their movement.
Imp Level > 8 = They could teleport.

I am thinking something similar, but we could give the imps something extra in this case, like that they grow wings when levelling up to a certain level..

This idea is open for brainstorming with one limitation, the imps can only carry one item at a time Smile
Imps seem too human for me. They walk almost too "correctly". I suggest the following:
  • Level 1-2 - Walk with a limp, or as if they had a hunchback, dragging the item behind.
  • Level 3-5 - Walk normal (faster than limping though) and carrying the item in their hands.
  • Level 6-9 - Walk on all fours, fast. Carry the item in their mouths.
  • Level 10 - Same as above, only it can also carry a lower-level imp on it's back Tongue

I mean, they already go around their beds before sleeping, why not give them a little more "personality"?
Was thinking maybe add to the crafting table by adding a run speed shoe. Can be used by all. Not only would this allow the imps to move faster, but would also allow your troops to get to an area faster to defend. Maybe have different qualities of shoes for different run speeds. Iron shoes 2x run speed. Gold shoes 5x run speed, etc.

I really like the growing wings idea.
I like the variant of DK1.

I like the idea from Dr.Boom too but i dont want produce for all my imps shoes so that they are faster.
This is arduous when you have more imps.I think a good solution are the option to solve this on their level

For the other creatures, i like to craft for they DCs-Flash-ShoesWink
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(17-06-2014, 02:45 AM)Rasmus Wrote: they grow wings when levelling up to a certain level..

Wings for the imps? I want this in the game, now!CoolCool
I love the idea of imps growing wings at high level. You're idea of speeding up creatures with a special item is good as well, Dr Boom. It reminds me of an item from Dungeon Master, the Boots of Speed. Smile
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i think a combination of level improvement and maybe a few items two or three that give minor improvements and maybe one that gives the imps a real edge but uses alot somewhat rare resources

and i really like the idea of em teleporting
i would say 8 - 9 flying 10 teleporting

other ideas to speed up the logistic would be
- reduce the time they need to think about what to do next somehow ( that sometimes seems to take a while not sure if thats possible though )
- a somewhat expensive building that can be build in 2 storage rooms in pairs to teleport a pile of wares between those 2 rooms
that way the imps would only need to run from the table to the teleporter
- items that increase the amount they can carry : carrier bag's ( waffe / schild slot ) , backpack ( armor slot ) , some headgear that allows to carry an item on your head , pants with big pocets all over
all of this would make a walking imp really slow but a flying or teleporting one ...
( sorry i know you said only one item per imp but i really had to say it anyway and since you would need alot of resources to outfit one imp )
-allowing more then 8 imps in storage rooms i had quiet a few situations in whitch 8 wherent nearly enough
OK, because I found discussing things with community much more funny, that creates amazing brainstorms and I don't like to speak about game features behind community backs I'll share my thoughts again. Big Grin

It would require making imps more magical - unless they have teleportation device, which could be an equipment item, but... the fastest way to destroy Dungeon Heart in DK was to set rally flag on enemy's DH and have Dark Mistresses on 10th lvl that would teleport instantly and destroy DH in few seconds, so I would be very careful of using teleportation unless it would be allocated only for Imps (maybe imp genome would activate it only lol).

Speed boosters:
I thought about having shoes too to increase movement speed of their owner (would be awesome if equipment could give something more than only higher values of creature stats, etc), in the same time I would prefer to have their speed up properties related to creature's properties - as creature is bigger * heavier as give better acceleration and max speed. Big Grin

Mentioned Wings suppose to be an interesting idea too. There could be many various equipment items that would increase speed or give ability to fly (and with that ability to move faster), but something should be there also that would able all creatures to wear all kind of items, but when wearing it could receive no effect, work very inefficient or create even reversed reaction - funny element (imagine big fat monster with wings - it just couldn't even rise up). Smile
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pants that would allow them to jump maybe up and down when you build yourrooms on different hight levels
or just jump 3 to 5 blocks wide at a time
Here's some of my ideas:
1. Spells I can cast manually, on an imp, or on a target area, or a target room(s).
1.1 Spell: "Haste" target area receives movement speed boost for a fixed duration.
1.2 Spell: "Blink" target area gains ability to blink out of existence and appear a short distance away for a fixed duration.

2. I agree that level up should come with nice perks to the imps.
So based on Rasmus' list
Level 1-4 normal speed
Level 5-10 speed boost
Level 8-10 teleport

I am thinking more of a linear speed increase. If a Level 1 is 1x normal speed, then what is level 10? advantage in movement speed? 2x plus teleportation?
Level 1: 1.0 normal speed
Level 2: 1.125x
Level 3: 1.250x
Level 4: 1.375x
Level 5: 1.500x
Level 6: 1.625x
Level 7: 1.750x
Level 8: 1.875x
Level 9: 2.000x
Level 10: 2.000x + Teleport ability

3. Now it will also be fun to have some item progression for the imps.
Other than cool looks and protection from damage, what else can clothing add to the imp's function to move things around?

3.1 Tools: Iron/Golden Shovel speeds digging ability by x
3.2 Tools: Iron/Golden Pick speeds mining task digging ability by x
3.3 Tools: Iron/Golden Surveryor speeds up claiming a tile by x
3.4 Tools: Wood/Iron Fishing Rod/Net speeds up catching fish by x
3.5 Item: Torso: Backpack increases number of same items an imp can carry by x
3.6 Item: Feet: Boots of Levitation allows imp to drop down safely to the ground from great heights.
3.7 Item: Offhand: Torch/Lantern illuminates areas of darkness around the imp
3.8 Item: Head: Miner's Hat gives protection and illuminates larger areas of darkness around the imp
- an apron and shefs hat to improve kitchen performance ( maybe a rolling pin too )
- a waiter/waitres uniform and maybe skates to do the same in the bar
- a scythe and a straw hat for the farmer
- lether apron and safety galsses and a hammer for the metal workers

those items would require that you could see in the creature detail screen what room the imp works in
Haha, now I got you all going Big Grin

I like the items idea to be able to speed up the imps, but I also don't want to take away the rpg elements in the game. The player should feel satisfaction when creatures level up, I may add that in DK I almost never made an attack on the enemy unless all creatures was at maximum level, I just loved having all these abilities maxed out Smile

But before we start adding more items we should really get the auto equipment working in a intuitive way.. Right now it is way to messy..
But maybe instead of assigning items to the imps individually, assign the items in the room.

For example, I have a farm that is 5x5. 3x5 ant root field, and 2 mills. Allow me to build a table, cabinet, wall shelf in that farm tile, then I will have storage room for items that help increase efficiency of my farm.
It will not do much good to have the storage room in the farm, because then the farm will have to behave as a storage room, meaning that the imp working in the farm will have to deliver items to other storage rooms.

If you are asking about being able to store more items in the farm room than 3 of each kind at a time it is very possible. Maybe I need to add a option for it.
I was thinking more of the I info page of the room instead of behaving like a storage.
I'm thinking of the Room (Farm) having it's own armor set. But instead, it will have maybe up to 3 slots to add bonus given by the item.
Wood Barrel - increase seeding speed by 1.33
Iron Scythe - increase harvest speed by 1.33
Stone Mill - increase flour production by 1.33

Dwarven Mug (rare drop) - decrease brewing time by 1.33
Herbs - decrease baking time by 1.33
I really do like that idea, it could be combined with the decorations maybe, so that all decorations has some buff stats on them that could be put in any room.

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