Brainstorm Creature Mechanic - Speed up the imps
(17-06-2014, 09:17 PM)Sanctume Wrote: Here's some of my ideas:
1. Spells I can cast manually, on an imp, or on a target area, or a target room(s).
1.1 Spell: "Haste" target area receives movement speed boost for a fixed duration.
1.2 Spell: "Blink" target area gains ability to blink out of existence and appear a short distance away for a fixed duration.

2. I agree that level up should come with nice perks to the imps.
So based on Rasmus' list
Level 1-4 normal speed
Level 5-10 speed boost
Level 8-10 teleport

I am thinking more of a linear speed increase. If a Level 1 is 1x normal speed, then what is level 10? advantage in movement speed? 2x plus teleportation?
Level 1: 1.0 normal speed
Level 2: 1.125x
Level 3: 1.250x
Level 4: 1.375x
Level 5: 1.500x
Level 6: 1.625x
Level 7: 1.750x
Level 8: 1.875x
Level 9: 2.000x
Level 10: 2.000x + Teleport ability

3. Now it will also be fun to have some item progression for the imps.
Other than cool looks and protection from damage, what else can clothing add to the imp's function to move things around?

3.1 Tools: Iron/Golden Shovel speeds digging ability by x
3.2 Tools: Iron/Golden Pick speeds mining task digging ability by x
3.3 Tools: Iron/Golden Surveryor speeds up claiming a tile by x
3.4 Tools: Wood/Iron Fishing Rod/Net speeds up catching fish by x
3.5 Item: Torso: Backpack increases number of same items an imp can carry by x
3.6 Item: Feet: Boots of Levitation allows imp to drop down safely to the ground from great heights.
3.7 Item: Offhand: Torch/Lantern illuminates areas of darkness around the imp
3.8 Item: Head: Miner's Hat gives protection and illuminates larger areas of darkness around the imp
I love those ideas. Smile

but with the idea of a torch -- for the imps that's redundant, they have a candle burning on their head that acts as a torch, so wouldn't need to carry any torches. Miner's hat (or helmet) for protection and possibly improved mining speed/efficiency (maybe a chance at getting more resources out of mining) but at the cost of losing the imp's natural head-candle light source, it's covered up by the helmet.

As for Aische's straw hat idea for the farmer imps... careful there, the imps have a fire burning on their heads and straw hats are very flammable... Tongue

But I like the idea of using some decoration items as production boosters. these could be a special category of decorations called tools (or tool racks, or something) that would produce a production boost, either in efficiency (more end products per material used (eg, an item that allows more breat per wood)) or a speed boost. EG: the barrels decoration could provide a speed boost for brewing vats. Booster decorations should also consume resources to build though to maintain game balance.
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Imps seems to stand sometimes for a very long time, i know for a fact that Rasmus you made this intended. But i think when imps get higher level, they should not only get faster, but also smarter!

by smarter i mean, lower the thinking time, and increase their ability to carry items, aswell as mining speed and running speeds.
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