New Feature! I & S - Building Keyboard Shortcuts
Building Keyboard Shortcuts

After many many requests I finally implemented so that it is possible to use keyboard shortcuts to select what to build.


So if the player want to build a room he will first press "X" (The keys are editable in the options menu), and then press on 1 - 9 to select what room he wants to build.

I have also made it so that once the menu is opened in the bar it will not close until the player rightclick on it or press "X" again in this case.

This means that the player don't have to click on the room icon (or "X") over and over again when switching between rooms he wants to build.
Most exciting! Many thanks. Finally, Dwelvers has become slightly closer to being Starcraft! Yay! When is that ever a bad thing. Big Grin

Ahaha. Jesting. Maybe.

Being able to right-click to dispel a pop-up menu is a luxury. So left-clicking anywhere else wouldn't dispel it? That's to ensure that players are clicking on the room selection bubbles, and not somehow in between them and just missing a lot? Tongue Like maybe accidentally selecting a unit that is between and under the room bubbles?
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Glad you liked it Smile

The game will work just as it normal when the hand is outside the pop up menu, meaning that the player can build, open the radial menu with rightclick and all that. Then the player can close the pop up menu either by hovering the hand over one of its icons and right click with the mouse, or by leftclicking on the icon that opened the pop up menu in the first place.
I also love this idea. +2 Ras!

And welcome back ST, it's good to see one of the original members back and posting again. Smile
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Very nice, you did well to put this shortcut Big Grin !!!
Thanks you.
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This isn't in the game with 0.7d is it?

I press the X key however the room buttons don't open up to show me, in fact when I press the X button nothing happens at all.

Playing 0.7d in window mode.
(19-06-2014, 06:07 AM)City Builder Wrote: This isn't in the game with 0.7d is it?

I press the X key however the room buttons don't open up to show me, in fact when I press the X button nothing happens at all.

Playing 0.7d in window mode.

Nope, upcoming feature for next version.
Sorry City Builder, I really should mark out what version the news are for Sad
As DrBoom said, this feature will become available in the 0.7e version.
looking forward to it.
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verry nice work
im looking forward to testing it

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