Design issue 0.7 - Minimdrolls with map
Hopefully this hasn't already been posted but if it has, I'm sure somebody will know where to merge this message into.

When playing in full screen and scrolling the game screen using the mouse and the edges of sides of the screen, the mini map disappears. As it turns out it seems to be scrolling with the map and is only viewable if you are right around the dark mother.

I notice that there is a darker circular area around the mini map where it should sit, but as you scroll away from dark mother, the mini map is seen to scroll away too and out of view.
Strange, I hadn't notice anything like that on my computer... but I'm mostly scrolling with the wasd keys.
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
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City, the darker circular area that you mention, does it stay still in the upper right corner? or does it scroll with the map too?

Because if the circle stays but the minimap moves, then that's how it's supposed to work. What you see on the minimap is just a zoomed out/simpler version of what you are currently seeing (a little bigger maybe). If you move your view to an unexplored are, the minimap will go dark. If you are in a developed area (away from the dark mother) you should see lit up the tiles you uncovered of fog.

Unless I'm misunderstanding what you said. Would you mind posting a screenshot of your dungeon of some claimed (and lit) are away from the dark mother so we can see your minimap?

I find it a little difficult to orient myself if you go to unexplored dark areas, but I'm pretty sure there's a keyboard key that lets you return to the mother effortlessly.
The problem is that I can't fit the whole map into the minimap, some maps are very large and some are very small. That is why it scrolls with the camera. Hmm, maybe I could add an option to be able to zoom out the minimap to a point where the whole map is revealed.
The problem is that it's too easy to get lost when it moves off your screen altogether.
At first I thought I was still stuck on the side of the screen like when in a previous version when the game kept scrolling to one side.
That's why I thought it was a bug.

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