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Feedback/Modification Creature Mechanics - Of torches, claiming terrain and game pacing

Welcome to another of Excess' threads to challenge established rules!

As many of you have noticed, every level starts with a comfortable and safe chunk of dirt around the dark mother so we can develop our dungeon without much hassle.

Unfortunately, once we break the outer wall and face the real world, there's usually a huuuuuuge cavern system for the free-working imps to claim, which usually bring the productions to a halt until they finish claiming the newfoundland - if they don't die in the process, as impanzees seem to have a preference for obliterating diligent imps.

What I'd like to discuss with you, my fellow dungeoneer, is the possibility of taking out the automatic torch illumination system that currently lights up our recently claimed areas.

Making the torches a thing you have to build yourself would accomplish a couple of things:
  • We decide how far the imps will go, and when.
  • The pacing of exploration will slow down a bit, adding suspense and better savouring of each map.
  • We'll give another use to the coal, and a tough decision for the player as to where he should spend said coal.
  • Surprise attacks from the opened yet unexplored/dark caverns, as light could attract lonely enemies.

This is aimed to prolong the excitement of discovering a new cavern, and really feeling that you conquered a piece of it. Right now, claiming land is a chore that imps do on their own, often at inconvenient times, taking all the excitement of battle by "waking up" all the enemies at the same time and ignoring the rocks that fly towards them.

What do YOU think about the speed in which we discover new lands?

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