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(18-06-2014, 06:00 PM)Rasmus Wrote: I do like the other ideas as well. I haven't thought about that the land claiming may be a little to fast..

Thanks. Regarding the pacing on claiming land, is not that it's fast, but sudden.

Lately, most of the maps I played had huge open caverns interconnected, sometimes with 2 or 3 impanzees rooms on reach of each other. This means that you suddenly have a whole army of enemies to face, which you'll only beat if you have 8/10 fully trained orcs.

Because of this, I try not to pierce the thin line of dirt that protects me before I am fully armed with orcs. That takes a little while. And after that, I have one big battle, all my production suffer because of the claiming, and I suddenly loose interest on the map. I've built all that I can build, I've satiated my bloodlust, and I'm bored. I usually don't make it to the cyclotaurs.

That's when I start over on a fresh map Big Grin

The purpose of this thread is to brainstorm a way of introducing battle early on, and to make the player feel like he earned each piece of land.

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