Feedback/Modification Creature Mechanics - Of torches, claiming terrain and game pacing
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I experienced many times in DK that my Imps were killed by traps or creatures... this idea seems to save their children. Big Grin

So, torches won't be placed automatically and won't be only illuminators and decorations, but player will use them if want creatures being able to walk through enlightened by his/her hand places, so to every non enlightened places creatures won't go.

I have some questions then:
- how could we discover places claimed by enemy/neutrals or places that are far away from areas you discovered I.e. behind an underworld lake? Creatures could go to unknown if you put farther and farther your Rally Flag, but what with the Imps? I also assume that torches won't uncover areas covered by fog of war.
- I assume that your creatures will go only to place where torches are placed, but only by you, not where enemy/neutrals placed their own - so where you could put torches - on no man's land, but not on claimed areas by enemy or how?
- how to take enemy territories then? By placing close to enemy's tile your torch and then if you claim enemy tile you "capture" enemy torch with captured tile?

I assume that torches could be placed without need to construct them by Imps and that cost nothing - because if we would need to built them with Imps, firstly they should be allowed to go to non enlightened place.
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