Feedback/Modification Creature Mechanics - Of torches, claiming terrain and game pacing
the combination of torches lighting the dark, and areas without torches being dark, with signs to tell your imps where not to go would create a more suspenseful world where you don't just have all your imps go running off claiming tiles in some giant cavern, but have a big, dark place where enemies could be lurking and could come boiling out of the darkness at any time. I like that better then having a giant cavern opened up and like magic, the whole thing is lit up like a Christmas tree for all the mobs and enemies to be seen far in advance of them getting anywhere near your lair, while the imps ignore an obvious threat and just go on a tile claiming frenzy while you're frantically telling them "I don't care about that right now, I just want you idiots to build some defenses!"

How about the imps are willing to venture out into the dark, but it's a much more tense thing, with them creeping along seeing only a few tiles ahead and wondering what they'll uncover next. Will it be the motherload of gold? will it be 4 fishmen, 3 impanzee lairs and a surface portal all at once? or will it be just more empty, dark, echoing caverns.

One thing that seems to be getting forgotten lately is the imps have a candle built right into their head they don't need to worry about the dark because it's never dark around an imp, the flame always burns, for as long as the imp has life. The signs, combined with a way to set the priority of claiming new tiles could be used in combination to prevent imps from the huge cavern claiming frenzy that shuts all else down, even the defense of the dark mother.
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