Solved & Confirmed 0.7d - Possesed orcs can see through walls
Orcs' camera when possessed is apparently a bit more separated from the body than the one from the imps, as I can clip through walls with it...

[Image: kXbGjjV.jpg]

...haven't tried the rest of the creatures yet. Will do if I capture some.

Also, while you are at it, it happens with the imps too, only even slightly. You can't forcefully clip your view into the wall as with the orcs, but if you stand still facing a wall and let the "head movement" go around it's full motion, you'll see a little glimpse of clipping.
I will look over all the creatures, I think this is a general issue and not isolated to orcs and imps.

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes.
Solved with the next version. Added a collision box for the camera..
New version released, this bug is solved but need confirmation!
Awesome, couldn't clip through walls at all. The only thing I managed to clip through (although very little) was through the stairs, on a very specific position...

[Image: L1EZl0I.jpg]

By the way, thank you very, VERY much for making the rooms recognized themselves as one when it changes 1 block of height. We can now do all sort of crazy things like Terrace Cultivation (like above) or Pit Storages for maximum storage space.
Yeah, it was rather ridicules having different rooms just because they weren't on the exact same floor. I thought that if the creatures can reach one tile from the other the tiles should be connected to the same room Smile

Okay, I will put this one as solved. The stair clipping is something I think we can live with for now Smile Btw, the stairs will probably be remodelled and worked at in the future so there is no real point in fixing them now.

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