Solved & Confirmed 0.7d - High priority for feeding to the dark mother needed
on my last game i expanded very fast to keep up with the wood use an forgot building more imps
at some point i realized my problem and decided to feed some rope to tha dark mother but the imps would not feed it to her even after i set the dark mother room to only accept rope for storage
in the end i had to wait abut half an hour even after reducing the room workers to a bare minimum until they started to feed stuff to her
as the topic suggests i dont think there is something broken just the priority seems to be low
almost forgot i had to stop the production of all goods to get them to do the feeding
seems like i messed up my savegame and saved it at a point where i already had the solution
I agree. Only for me it was even worse: I dug into a surface stairs, and knight began popping before I could contain the menace, and my poor lvl1 pair or orcs couldn't handle it. Before I know it, I have red imps running everywhere and no one to feed resources to the dark mother so she could vomit new orcs to defend herself.

On the bright side, I got to see the "you failed" screen, which was awesome (gross, but awesome).

I usually don't have problems with imp shortage because the first thing I do when starting a game is feeding the first piece of wood/rope I get and build 3 additional imps. Super cheap, super fast.
I definitely agree. I've had issues with the priority system for a while now, and being able to manually set priorities of tasks when needed is IMO essential to prevent frustrations of creatures focusing all their attention on pointless tasks when there is a critical task (at least at that moment) that needs to be done but isn't. For me it was a time when I had enemies coming in to large a horde for my orcs to fight it off, so I ordered some traps and doors built to slow them down, but the imps kept ignoring those critical tasks to do other less urgent tasks, because they were preassigned a higher priority. I couldn't change the priorities while the emergency was underway so eventually the horde got to my DM and it was game over.
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Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes,

I just added this new feature that would remove the feeding to the Dark Mother and instead have a trading system in the dungeon which would work for the shards as well.

But as it is still under development and I will need some feedback on it before I permanently implement it I will solve this bug in the meantime.
Making the priorities of tasks settable by the user as we've been discussing in another thread would solve this issue, if the DM isn't getting fed items, the priority of that task could be raised and the imps should then start picking the feed DM task over other tasks.

I actually do like the feeding the DM part of the game, so I'd rather it not be removed, just fixed so it's usable in a pinch. I'd rather have the trading be something a bit random and unreliable so it's helpful if a merchant shows up willing to trade, but not something to rely on for basic needs.
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I think I've reproduced this bug by digging all the walls around MD, and create an adjacent 5x5 Storage Room with 1 square table.
Once MD room goes 100%, and I continue to dig, the 1x log needed to create that square table does not seem to get completed.
And when I try to sell Rope x5 to buy more Imps, MD does not get fed. It's stuck.
@SU: I agree with you, the feeding is something I want to keep. I have made some major changes to the trading system I presented earlier, so removing the DM feeding is no longer a option Tongue

Thanks Sanctume, I will try to reproduce that bug myself.

I have been thinking a lot about this, the free workers should have a queue system for everything they do, a system that the player can see and priorities between. There is a very easy way to do this that don't include any advanced micro management menus. My thought was that all tasks the player directly sets on the free imps like building, digging and feeding the dark mother could be listed on the screen. This is a idea that has come up before, I don't know who said it first. But atm this feels very compelling to me Smile

So lets say that we use the left side of the screen and list all the tasks we set on the free imps with small icons. Then the player can see what are next in line for them to do and also be able to cancel tasks as well as increase their priority. This will also help in situations like this because then the player have solid proof that the imps should do this, but that they don't. When it comes to path claiming and reinforcing walls this will always have the least priority, the player will have to decide weather he wants to expand his territory or improve his current dungeon.
It would still be helpful to adjust the default priorities as sometimes a task like claiming new tiles would be needed for a while if I need new territory to build a new room that's urgently needed, then I'd rather adjust a global "claim tiles" priority that would automatically bump up all related tasks, then once that's done I could change it again if I don't like the adjusted priority later on. That would be better for mass adjusting priorities or setting a default for a particular type of task. Having the option to adjuct the order of tasks manually is also great for when I have specific tasks that need to be done immediately, or be postponed.
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Very true.. I will figure something out. I just tried out having the free workers "job icons" on the left side of the screen. But it got way to messy to be helpful for the player.

The current jobs that needs prioritizing is:
- Claim Walls and Floors.
- Dig
- Build
- Feed Dark Mother
- Jobs for rooms
- Fetching wounded allies
- Imprisoning wounded enemies
- Doing room related jobs (like fishing or fetching water)

It shouldn't be that much work to just add it into the menu Smile
I thought of a simpler approach to the whole priority thing. It's a little more macromanagement that I would like, but still...

I suggest having 3/4 pre-set priority lists that balance different things, all at once...

  1. BATTLE!
    • Free-workers give higher priority to rescuing wounded creatures.
    • Storage imps give priority to metalworks, weapon production.
    • Orc give priority to train/battle.
  2. Build
    • Free-workers give higher priority to finishing pending constructions and excavations.
    • Storage imps give priority to fetching dug resources that are laying n the ground.
    • Orcs help digging instead or training.
  3. Explore
    • Free-workers give higher priority to claiming paths/walls.
    • Orcs tend to wander off.
  4. Produce
    • Free-workers help fetching ingredients.
    • Feeding the dark mother is a priority.

PS: I love lists.
But I do think we need to seperate feeding the dark mother prio from "Free-workers help fetching ingredients", because feeding the dm prio should be right below the "BATTLE!" prio IMO.
I agree, but that list is a great start. I like the idea of grouping tasks into categories of similar tasks. +1 to both Excess and Rasmus.
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Solved with the next version.
New version released, this bug is solved but need confirmation!
Been playin v0.7e for several hours now, and have done a couple rounds of creature building all while digging out large sections of the map. It seems there isn't much delay in the time I started adding to the creature queue and getting food to the DM. I believe the problem is fixed.

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