Solved & Confirmed 0.7d - Crash, but not sure what went wrong
im not really sure what went wrong
it happened a short time after i attacked my first portal
i got the hunan and then the rogue and after that it crashed when i was looking at them in the production menu

happened shortly after te save i posted here

it may have been ogg file related too since i had a lot of those errors in that session
(26-06-2014, 03:39 PM)Aische1984 Wrote: it may have been ogg file related too since i had a lot of those errors in that session

So it is possible to just ignore the ogg error message and continue playing?

Added to the list of Bugs/Issues & Crashes.
i usually get a white screen and can tab out to close the errors usually 2 - 3 sometimes more of those masseges that pop up when you close the first
sometimes its a black screen in whitch case i have to alt ctrl del to get to the desktop

i get those a few times after each fight

and yes after closing all the errors i can resume playing its still pretty annoying but thanks to your efforts i can engage in fights now

ps: sorry for not describing this earlier
had a lot of family "help me with this", "repair that", "why is this massege on my mobile phone", "install me a new game and explain me how it works" ( general tech and software support ) kind of stuff to do
As I have found and solved some problems that could have caused this crash it may or may not have been solved.

I will put this one as solved, but if the problem comes up again the 0.7e version we will have to revisit this topic.
New version released, this bug is solved but need confirmation!
i played 20 to 30 hours of 0.7e an did not come across this problem
although since im not sure what caused it ...
I will mark this one as solved, not because I think it is fixed, but because the reason is rather unknown. We already have a couple of crash reports that could be linked to the problem you had from start.

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