My New Idea Creature Idea - Zeeker
• Zeeker •

The Zeeker is a very weak flying hell spawn, but is brave enough to scout your territory for intruders, as well as scouting for you. Good to use them to keep your territory safe against surprise enemy attacks!

Right now we have Dark Dwarves, who seem like a frontline unit, but we also need a scouting unit to explore the vast Caves a bit safer / faster than only imps doing it.
I think a good scout unit have to be able to fly, well that is the image I get of a scouting unit.

What comes to mind is a creature mixed with a bat, but how the design would look I'm not entirely sure yet.. this is of course only a suggestion / idea.

Highlight: Will scout undiscovered territory, seek for enemy units and report them using their scream / screech ability.
Acquired By: Player
Cost: Low
Attack Form: Melee
Weapon: Not specified...
Armor: Not specified...
Attack Power: Low
Defense: Low
Health Points: Above Low
Attack Speed: Moderate
Movement Speed: High
Resistances: None
Job: Scouting.
Entertainment: Scouting.

Passive Abilities:

Active Abilities:
(A1) Screech - Calling for nearby allies to help with the fighting. As well as notifying you of their presence.
(A2) Torch - Uses it's light source on it's body to lighten the area around it, but can also be used to blind the enemy for a short time.

I would reckon there is already a few units on the drawing board that is a scout unit Smile
Hmm.. could You elaborate Your idea more? Maybe what special abilities it has, what could make flying scout unique, different from other units, how it would look like (examples, inspirations, images), maybe some lore attach to it? Smile

I added Your suggestion to The List, but please tell us more. ^^
On another indie game forum I've suggested a small flying drake that burns enemies with blue gas fire. Maybe You have on mind something interesting too?

P.S. I saw Your gameplay video about Dwelvers, why not to post about it here? Wink
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(03-10-2013, 08:24 PM)Sebt Wrote: On another indie game forum I've suggested a small flying drake that burns enemies with blue gas fire.

Sounds cool, but it of course would have to be a fairly weak character being a scout. I wonder what creatures may be on the drawing board, but it also seems that the focus at the moment is gameplay functionality. Adding characters in at this point may be premature until the main gameplay features are worked out like task management and battle encounters.
On work today I tried to sketch an image of how it'd look like, it turned out to have the wings of a Bat, with an insect body. Being able to use a scream ability, calling for help to nearby minions (if attacked / discovered enemies). This ability might also stun some enemies as well for a short period of time - letting the scout escape. Any other abilities would probably be that it could lighten the area up around it, what the effects could be is unsure - depends on if anything could support that

Very interesting idea about the small drake, have to say I got a visual image of it burning away the Impanzees, and if Friendly-fire was there (as with the cannons) the fire would burn your imps as well xD

The inspiration would definitely be the Fly from Dungeon Keeper 1, I just loved them - thought they were cute and just had to have a lot of them. They were also a bit annoying as they would just scout everywhere unless detained.

About Lore, I'd have to think about that Smile
Ohh, nice ideas, I will have a scouting unit, and having one that can fly would be just perfect.. Maybe the Fishmen could eat them when they fly over water Wink
I would like to see your sketch if possible Smile How knows, maybe it is something our 3D artist would be interested in doing Wink
Updated first post.
Tried to elaborate my idea a bit more, will try to write a lore for them. And see if I can get an image of them up, would make it easier to understand what I imagine Smile

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