Video New Dwelvers video from mag0ca
Just started an Let's Play on 0.7e, come check it out and let me know what you think. I've created a playlist that I will keep updated as to not spam the thread with video updates Tongue

Episode 1:

Great video, +4 for you. Smile
If you could explain what you're building and why, for what purpose, etc. that would be even more informative I think. Smile
I noticed several game bugs in this video.. Smile
Spec: Win 10, ATI 7800 HD, res: 1280x1024x75. I support The Venus Project & Resource-Based Economy
Nice video. That chest you were having problems with was kinda weird. Once an Imp claims that space then the chest gets opened. It would be nice to see in the future you would need a rouge to open them.

I have found that I can support 45 Imps and 13 Orcs just fine with a single baking station and brewer. I also only have a farm using 10 squares for Antroot. I try to find fish as soon as possible too because that is far quicker to generate food stuffs than baking and it frees up a couple of Imps.

Something you may want to demonstrate in your next video is how store rooms and production rooms link since this is really crucial to the game's flow. If you have any questions about linking, just let us know and I'm sure you'll get a quick answer. There are a couple posts that relate, but they look to be out of date unless I'm missing something.

Another thing you may wanna consider is demonstrating some of the combat game play. This could include equipping weapons and armor, prison system, focus on the Metalworks Room, and use of the Rally Flag. If you saved the progress from the map in your video, it would be nice to see you pick up where you left off in continuation of that map.

Keep up the good work man!
Hey all, sorry for me not responding sooner Sad

I'm kind of learning as I go and half the time don't know why i'm doing what i'm doing Tongue mostly it just seems like something that I should do. I will try to state my reasons for my actions more Big Grin

I'm going to continue on with this map for a while, and have 3 videos live on it. I've been having issues keeping the Antroot going and I'm thinking that it maybe that I have to much of it? good to know you can do that many imps and orcs with just one brewer and baking table.

I just recently started to look at linking and am not 100% on it yet but will check out those threads and see what I can get from them. I'm currently in the process of getting iron stocked up to make a jail and hope that I will have enough soon to make some weapons and jail doors.

My plan is to have a video go up every 2 days and I will be adding them to the playlist I linked. Thank you for the feedback I'm very grateful for all the advice i've been getting Smile I'm planning another video to go live tomorrow and will try to implement the advice you all have given Big Grin
Awesome stuff man. As far as linking, this is what I have been doing: Use the DM as a hub only (don't link rooms to it besides the Store Rooms) | Create Store Rooms for specific resources and near the associated production room | Assign the 'Deliver Items' status to the proper Store Room.

So what this means is I generally have a Store Room specifically for food production. I will link that room to the DM and flag delivery of these resources: Antroot, Water, Flour, Bread, Beer, and Wood (although I have to remove Wood sometimes from being flagged or all wood ends up there). I then link my Farm, Cookery, and Bar Rooms to that specific Store Room. You can use that strategy to apply to the other production chains, and I find this way to fit my gameplay style.
That's a nice setup Mello, right now I have everything linking to my one storage room with the DM as a chain off of that. I did this because the kept moving items back and forth between the 2 rooms and I had no idea how that worked. After reading what you said and some strategic forum searches I think I have a basic understanding of it Big Grin

From what I've read you should be able to have your storage rooms that take wood flagged and it will maintain them evenly. This is based on a post a few versions ago and has some issues but those maybe fixed now, I think?

I'm going to implement your (or a reasonable facsimile) setup in my world for the next video. Thank you for the help Big Grin
You're welcome man. We're here to help!
New video coming out in a half hour now. Fixed a bunch of issue and may have broke a few more Tongue

Nice, and it looks like you stumbled across a couple of known bugs with this version. I hadn't seen where the Imps would refuse to go through the jail to claim the tiles on the other side of it only accessible by going through the jail. I'm gonna see if I can reproduce that one, unless someone beats me to it.

As far as the jail goes, when you leave enemies in there and they die, they will drop resources like leather and bone.
Thanks for checking it out Big Grin it's good to know about them dropping resources in the jail Big Grin ya nothing too major except that odd crash! happened 3x then nothing. Like a chump I didn't take down the error Sad

I've never witnessed the imps not going through the jail before this and in one of my other maps I have done similar so could just be this jail smelled bad?
Yeah, not sure. That was really weird. I've tried to reproduce it, but my Imps don't seem to have an issue going through the jail to claim tiles.
it probably needs very specific conditions for it to occur Sad Thanks for trying. Not sure how much the seed may have to do with it but my seed is 19477
I've got another video live, this time I crash the game, break production and generally all around fail at all things.

Good one! Seems like I've had some moments like you did. I rolled when you were checking out the Imp trying to build a bridge. "DUDE?! Build IT!" Then he just drops the log and peaces the hell out. I think too 50 some Imps just won't cut it if you plan on mass excavation. I started my ritual of trying to dig out the whole map this past weekend, and even with 50 my production chains started to fail. I think I'm gonna bump it up to 100 and see what happens.
Ya I nearly had a fit on that guy. If I could have picked him up and dunked him in the toilette I totally would have!!

I'm keeping an eye on my production and trying to assign my imps to that and leave my orcs to do the mining, which works out well since they can then attack any enemies Big Grin

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