Video New Dwelvers video from mag0ca
I will look into the issue with the closest imp not getting assigned to the closest job Smile
(05-08-2014, 02:05 PM)Rasmus Wrote: I will look into the issue with the closest imp not getting assigned to the closest job Smile

It will come, but for now it gives me something to yell at them for Big Grin

though now I'm wondering if I can posses them and make them drown >:}
One thing at a time Wink The issue with the imps not taking the closest job has now been solved Smile
Awesome! Imptelligence +1
very nice Big Grin but also this means less yelling at imps Tongue
I hope so... I don't want you to get the same relationship with the imps as I have with my cat, when I yell at her she just ignores me, it can be very frustrating...
Might I suggest a water gun? That's what I use when a finger snap doesn't work...
A water gun might work, but the problem is that she is always doing her evil doings right after I have gone to sleep. I don't think she likes it when it gets silent... The only strength I have after I have gone to bed is to yell, not to hunt her with a water gun.

Anyways, she is still pretty young and have an attention span of a carrot, I think she will calm down with age Smile
lol I can relate with evil cats. luckily my cat is kinda dumb and is almost always within line of sight. I've become quite good at hitting him dead in the rear end with a direct spray Tongue he's not so bad after a few years of that.

He does seem to like to lie in the way all the time though Big Grin [Image: IHT0nNT.jpg]

^that's a really bad picture but it's the best one I can find right now sorry
wow I just noticed that he looks REALLY evil in that pic. I must have just pissed him off hehe Tongue
Hey mag0ca, I think I may have found your store room crash from your earlier video. Were you placing your flag on a tile occupied by an idle imp by any chance when the crash occurred?
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
The Golden One!
Oh ya I totally should have brought that up on the forums Tongue

in my case it seemed like it was when I put the flag on a tile that had a pile of items on it. I don't recall there being an imp on the tile, though some of the times there may have been.

I did get a screenshot of the error though I don't know if it will be any use to Rasmus but here it is.
[Image: QFIgKlg.png]

I tested it out after that video and was able to constantly get the crash with a tile that had a lot of items on it. didn't test it on a tile with just a few items though
That's the exact same error message I got when I didn't have the debugger connected to the game. You should post that screenshot over here I haven't tried placing the flag on a pile of items but I'll check that out and see if that also produces this crash. I'm also able to get it with clockwork consistency. Place the flag on the right tile and --- crash!
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
The Golden One!
@Mag0ca: Looks like the cat wants to be stumbled upon Tongue

About the bug, yeah, it is well known.
ya he's an oddball. If anyone is sitting on the couch with their feet down he will start headbutting your leg till you start kicking him in the head (really its just scratching his head with your foot)

kicking my cat in the face for your viewing pleasure Tongue

Ya i checked out the thread on the crash and it's the same error and everything so i'll leave it be, but I will be testing that in the next version Big Grin

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