Video New Dwelvers video from mag0ca
LOL! What a lazy kitty. I had a cat like that once; any attention was good attention.
So did I. He wasn't so lazy though and would demand attention if he wasn't getting enough. If he was outside and wanted to be let in, he would also do chin-ups at the back door to look in the window, I guess to see if anyone was in the area to let him in. If he didn't see anyone, he'd go around to the front door and try again there, back and forth until someone let him in. I have photos of him, but those were taken in the pre-digital camera era so I'd have to scan 1 in if anyone wants to see a pic.

magoca's cat looks like an oddball and a character. and real cute too.
[Image: 11619898803_7d3a89e6bd_n.jpg]
The Golden One!
LOL ya he is an oddball. Very loving but also very vocal. In some of my videos you can hear him come in to see me, he likes to announce his presents Tongue
Hi everybody! Took a bit of a hiatus while waiting for v0.8 to come out. Now that it's out I've started a new LP for it Big Grin

A new version, a new world, a new adventure.
Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think Smile

and as usual I'll keep the playlist updated with all new videos
I like how you emphasized the Farm, and Cookery rooms as being the first things to get built. Those are both really important to start off, but you also need to get a basic Bar Room built so creatures can eat. They will get hungry way before they get tired. Pretty good video, although I was disappointed in how it ends kinda abruptly.
Sadly I had forgotten about the bar until a little later down the line Tongue

Didn't mean to disappoint on the ending, I was trying to get a good balance between length and task completeness as well as leave it on a mild cliffhanger (if you can really call it that). The next 4 videos are similar to this one in length but I don't feel they end quite so abruptly Big Grin although they are all from a single 2 hour play session!
Nice, I got on a tangent on your channel and one of the videos, man, after watchin you play Goat Simulator, I'm a bit concerned about you LOL!
lol That's what did it Tongue I guess the goat simulator was one of my more "special" videos. Glad you took the time to check out my other stuff, thank you Big Grin.
Yeaaaaaaahhhh. Checked out Space Engineers first because someone else was telling me about that game, but I really hadn't looked into it. It looks ok, but I think I'll wait to see it get more developed.
ya it's still fairly bare, but has a lot of potential and great mod support. The updates for it are really quite consistent. I can't think of a week that's gone by since i've had it where there hasn't been an update.
That's good to know. I'm definitely gonna keep my eye on that one.
I've successfully posted a new Dwelvers video everyday, sadly I've failed at updating this topic Sad

I'm not going to list all the videos that have gone up since my last post but they are all available in this playlist

Now at Episode 18 Big Grin
Good stuff as always. You see I'm getting caught up.
Big Grin I appreciate you taking the time to check it out Mello and as always your feedback is wonderful Smile
Uploaded a new video today, giving away a steam key too


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