New Feature! Room Mechanic - Rotating buildings
Rotating buildings

This is actually a bugfix that got out of hand when I decided to solve the issue presented here:

The issue was that it wasn't possible to select creatures that were on the same tile as a door, because the option to rotate the door overrides the select creature option. I solved the issue by adding a rotation button next to the sell button in the lower right menu.

But before I did this I decided to take another route that was suggested by the forum member "Excess", his suggestion was that the buildings should be rotated from start. This is how this looks like.


So just hold down left mouse button when you want to build anything, and release it in the direction that you want the building to be built in. This did forced me to disable the option for some buildings to build multiple buildings at once by dragging the hand. It is still possible to drag and build multiple buildings when it comes to rooms and some other buildings, but all buildings that are rotatable has this option disabled.

So while I was working on this I made it so that the player also will see a ghost image of the building that is going to be built before he presses down the left mouse button. It looks like this:


And when dragging the hammer to build a room on multiple tiles it will look like this:


But I had a little argument with BurningPet about this because it can be too annoying for the player to have to sell and rebuild as soon as something needs to be rotated. I wanted to have it so that all buildings are rotated when being built but not afterwards, but I do understand that this transformation can demolish the next version if it is not done correctly. So with the next version I will have it so that the player can rotate the buildings from the select and build state and be able to rotate the building afterwards as well if he wants too just as before. So instead of just replacing the old rotate feature I will merge it with this new one, and later on we can decide how we are going to solve it after we have gotten some feedback.
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